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#1.  More accessible is The Crystal Harp by Virginia Kron.  It features a narrative (a whimsical folk tale told in an old-English-story-teller style) with musical accompaniment (harp and cello).  It is a nicely done production, and should be of interest to fans of this sort of fantasy tale.

Quantum 43/44

Crystal Harp

48 Minutes

Ages 7-10.  Emery, a resident of Asteria, is a storyteller and polisher of the crystal harp.  When the harp is stolen, Emery follows its magic through mystical lands and learns why gypsies see the future, why bears have short tails, why mirages appear only in daytime and how birds learned to sing.  By the end of his journey, Emery discovers not only the harp but the princess Moonstone.  This original humorous fantasy, written and performed by Virginia Kron, features cello and harp music that adds to the fairy tale atmosphere.  A map of Emery's journey is included.  The combination of clear well-paced narration and delightful music make this a popular choice.  Mary Berman


American Library Association

The Crystal Harp

Virginia Kron

48 minutes

This excellent original fairy tale is accompanied by original harp music and relates the story of a search for a stolen crystal harp.  Kron's tale is imaginative, goes through many twists and turns, and is strengthened by the appealing harp music which floats throughout.

Children's Bookwatch

In a typical "once upon a time" story, children in grades 3-6 will meet the hero Emery who keeps The Crystal Harp (Kron) polished. In this fantasy on audio tape [now digital CD], the symbolic harp disappears.  As Emery searches for the harp, youngsters hear tales about fantasy places.  Included with the cassette  [CD] is a small map which allows the students to follow Emery in his pursuit of the harp.  Students could listen for many purposes including:  for the pure pleasure of listening to the fantasy story, for the enjoyment of the harp accompaniment, and to identify as many of the minerals mentioned as possible.

Library Talk

Kelsi (age 6):  D.r. Vrgeya, I like your teap a lot.  I have lesnind to it meny meny tiames.

New York children's librarian:  The Crystal Harp is just wonderful.  You called it a story with music, but it is music with a story as well.  The whole thing works- the story is genuinely charming, and the sense of humor that you've woven through it is perfect.  Bravo.

Artist:  I liked the great vocabulary in the story and the music was just excellent too.  I think it has The Sorcerer's Apprentice and Peter and the Wolf completely whipped! (No bull!)

TV producer:  My kids and I loved the tape.  Right away we listened to it three times on a car trip.

Listener:  I played it for my friends New Year's Eve.

Parent:  My kids, ages 3, 6 and 8, listen to it every time we're in the car.  This has been going on for a year and a half.  They still fight over the map and laugh at the bird.

Parent:  I feel like I'm meeting a celebrity.  I can't tell you what your tape means to my kids (ages 2 and 5).  They are obsessed with it.  They fight over the map.

Parent:  (1992) The Arsonolites scared the kids.  (1993)  My kids love your tape.  They listen to it every day.  (2000)  I'm worried.  My kid is 12, and he has started listening to The Crystal Harp again.

An uncle:  My niece and nephew made me  promise to send them a copy of their own.

2016 Parent:  I love your story.  The car is now very quiet.

What Listeners and Parents say...

Seattle teacher:  I used this tape for the last 5 years to teach my 7th grade classes

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